Dogs “tied up and left to die” in forest in Albergaria-a-Velha

Four dogs were found pitifully tied up and left to die in a pine forest near Angeja, Albergaria-a-Velha. By chance, a passer-by heard the cries of one of the dogs – a female with both broken paws tied together – and managed to get help. Tragically, only one of the animals seems to have been rescued alive.

“It is a macabre situation”, rescuer Soraia Capela told Correio da Manhã in a heartbreaking television report that spoke of one animal carcass being found without its head.

“There are the remains of animals all over this place.

“I spoke to the GNR, and two agents accompanied me. We managed to save one animal.

“They had all been left here to die, tied-up”.

The rescued animal has now been handed over to the not-for-profit “Faça Acontecer Associação Cãoamor” which says it would welcome donations towards the surgery needed to mend her damaged paws.

For further information, see Facebook: Faça Acontecer Associação Cãoamor

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