Dogs get a second chance

A new association has been set up to manage the Goldra animal sanctuary, in Loulé, a refuge for 42 stray and abandoned dogs looking for new homes.

During the course of last year, the animal sanctuary was forced to close but now, thanks to the generosity of Monty’s Restaurant in Vale do Lobo, a new registered charity has been able to purchase a section of the original refuge.

Although rundown and dilapidated with fencing in need of repair, the president of the new association, Sue Sykes, explained that it is a refuge for 42 stray and abandoned dogs. Living mostly in donated shelters out-of-doors, the intention is to find them permanent homes.

She said: “The kennel’s manager, Jan Henderson, is currently accommodated in a one-room wooden house with very limited amenities. We receive funds from a charitable trust in the UK to pay for veterinary bills but otherwise we are reliant upon private donations.”

Meeting together for the first time last week, a fundraising committee agreed a set of priorities to restore and upgrade onsite facilities at the sanctuary. These include a water pump, electricity supply, new fencing and an additional wooden building where puppies and sick animals can be looked after.

Aiming to reach an initial target of €5,000, the group is committed to raising funds that will improve the infrastructure.

Longer term plans to accommodate stray cats are also being considered.

The committee is planning a programme of fundraising events, the details of which will be published in the local press.

Meanwhile, donations of food, money and volunteer help are needed.

“Regular contact with humans is important because we do not want the dogs to become institutionalised. The plan is to rehome them at the first opportunity,” said Sue.

For more information, please contact Sue Sykes on email [email protected] or call 914 146 198 (Sue Sykes) or 918 895 791 (Jan Henderson).

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