Dogs barking

Dear Editor,

I’m sure you must get many emails about the nuisance of constant barking, but surely it is a huge concern that after two years of the law change of so called ‘managing’ the stray dog problem by not putting down stray dogs anymore, nothing has been done to control the growth of the said problem. Did sterilisation not pop into the equation?

I speak from present experience of living next door to an elderly Portuguese couple who have chosen to house stray dogs – about 20. As you can imagine the noise is overwhelming.

We live in a residential area and at no time were consulted about this situation. We have tried to get a solution to this undesirable problem by trying to speak to our neighbours (no go) and then by writing to our local council. But to cut a long story short (11 months on now), the end result is that the council say they would like to transfer these dogs to the council kennels but, unfortunately, they don’t have any available space…

We have gone to the GNR, too, but we have been given conflicting advice.

Can anyone help with advice?