Doggy bags

Dear Editor,

I have just read about the Algarve Tourism Board breeding a dog for the US President…have they gone mad?

Surely they need to clean up their own doorstep first. Increasingly these past few years, the lovely beaches of the area, particularly Luz and Meia Praia, are being littered with dog fouling all the year round.

I’m sorry to say that the majority of the owners are English. They arrive in their 4X4s, out come one or two dogs, sometimes three, race around for a scent and hey presto.

Sometimes the offending object is slyly shuffled over in the sand, but hard luck if you happen to be a few paces behind.

Signs on Luz beach are ignored and nobody is ever around to enforce them.

Why can’t the Tourist Board or the Câmara get down to it and tackle this job of keeping the beaches clean?

I’m well aware that dogs have to go somewhere but owners could be encouraged to use “doggy bags” as at home (UK).

Containers could be there for their disposal, and signs erected to bring people’s awareness to the problem.

Malcolm Leeds, Praia da Luz