Dog rescued after being thrown off Ferragudo cliff “with brick tied to neck”

A shocking story of a dog that was thrown off a 20-metre cliff in Ferragudo with a brick tied to its neck on Tuesday afternoon (April 7) has shocked the local community.

Thanks to the quick response of the Lagoa firefighters, the animal survived albeit being visibly traumatised.

Lagoa’s fire department was called to the scene after a couple noticed the dog was stuck in some shrubs a few metres down the cliff.

Speaking to CMTV, the commander of Lagoa’s fire brigade Vítor Rio said he had never seen anything like this before. “This is a shocking situation. It is a miracle the dog did not fall into the sea,” he said.

Described as an “extremely docile” dog that rested on its rescuer’s lap the entire trip back to the fire station, the animal is currently being looked after and fed at the station.

“We now need to find someone to give him a good home. We have to help this animal, he’s suffered enough,” Rio said.

If you’re interested in adopting this dog, please contact the Lagoa fire department.


Picture taken from CMTV footage