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Dog pressed panic alarm after owner collapsed

A dog saved his owner after pressing the panic alarm to summon help when his owner collapsed.

Disabled Victoria Shaw, 58, had trained Louis, her Yorkshire terrier, to call for assistance.

“He’s just a pet but I’ve been training him to hit the button just in case,” said Mrs Shaw, from Wrexham, north Wales.

“I had been in the shower and I was just coming out when my slipper got caught under the rug and I tripped.

“I hit my back and my shoulder and felt my leg going underneath me and heard a crack – I thought I’d broken my knee, but I hadn’t.

“I broke my glasses, and I can’t see anything without them.

“I can’t remember hitting my head but I came round with my leg twisted under me and I could hear a voice.”

Due to her disabilities Mrs Shaw is registered with Wrexham Council’s Telecare service, meaning she has emergency panic-buttons in her home if she gets into difficulty.

It was nine-year-old Louis’ barking that ChesterCare Telecare operative Sarah Mcloughlin was greeted with when she asked Mrs Shaw if she was okay.

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk