Dog mess on the beach

Dear Editor,

Whilst enjoying my annual winter break here in Praia da Luz, I feel bound to mention the number of dogs on the beach, with or without leads. These couple of weeks I have never seen so many.

The Portuguese are endeavouring to keep the beach cleaner this year, and it is noticeable, but still too many dog owners fail to clear up their dog mess.

I was sitting the other day, minding my own business so to speak, when the surfers descended. Campers, caravans, the lot – and everyone has a dog! Just to roam at will.

Friendly enough people but they do take over the parking space. I thought they were not allowed to park overnight? Why aren’t there more notices up, threatening fines, and police occasionally patrolling the beach? May I say, with tongue-in-cheek, they are quick enough to give you a spot fine for driving over an imaginary white line.

When will somebody buy those guys a tin of white paint?

J.C. Leeds
Praia da Luz