Dog mess in Monte Gordo

Dear Editor,

We have just returned from a seven-week holiday in lovely Monte Gordo where we have been holidaying two or three times a year for about 25 years and have got to know a number of locals who are always helpful and kind, as are virtually all the residents in the resort.

There is one thing which is very unpleasant and a little off-putting and that is the amount of dog mess that is everywhere around the town. You cannot walk more than a few yards before you see piles of it on the pavements and roads.

There seem to be many dogs that roam loose all day, without anyone who seems to be responsible for them, and that obviously do what dogs do and no one ever clears the mess up.

Even people who walk their animals on leads rarely seem to clean up after them.

It is very off-putting and seems to have got worse. Surely there must be some regulations to control this problem. Even the street cleaners do not pick it up – although I don’t think they should have to. It is spoiling what is otherwise a lovely town which we really love.

Jeff Vaughan