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Dear Editor,

I would be most grateful to you if you could publish my letter in the hope that the authorities (Câmaras, GNR, etc) read this and act upon it, thereby gathering much needed revenue and at the same time enhance the much sullied image that the tourists take home with them.

The authorities should enforce the legislation regarding dog mess everywhere, be it public footpaths, pavements, beaches or recreation parks and fine the offenders heavily, as you cannot walk anywhere, including beautiful villages like Ferragudo, Óbidos, Monsaraz, Monchique to name but a few, and fully appreciate the beauty because you have to always look down in case you tread in the mess.

Likewise, the litter – it seems the Portuguese do not appreciate the outstanding beauty of  their wonderful country as they discard their rubbish everywhere even though there is a very easy and efficient disposal system in place.

I have owned a property here for six years and very often hear complaints from visitors about this problem. In the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Germany, this does not happen because offenders are prosecuted with vigour.

I am a dog owner and always carry a plastic bag with me to clean up after him and then stop and deposit it in one of the many refuse bins.

Ian Campbell