Documents left in cars

Dear Editor,

Am I the only person who wonders at the nonsense we’re constantly fed by mainstream media? One minute German authorities have ‘got their man’ for the latest massacre, the next it is a Pakistani asylum seeker who had nothing to do with the killings, other than the fact that he had been chased by an eyewitness for more than a kilometre!

Then we hear the ‘real perpetrator’ left his identity papers in the cab of the truck he used to mow down countless unsuspecting people (a number of which were children which to date no news source is talking about). Now, how believable is this?

If you recall, the ‘most dangerous man in Portugal’ not long ago was also ‘identified’ by the ID papers he left behind. Two ‘coincidences’ which make no sense at all.

If you are intent on something cataclysmic, surely the last thing you would take with you would be your identity papers. Methinks we are all being played to the hilt.

A. Lert,