Documentary focuses on  British residents

A documentary on Portuguese RTP channel highlighted the lives of several British residents in the Algarve in the context of the current Euro crisis.

Shown on TV on March 7, the Linha da Frente programme was responsible for the production of the documentary entitled Uma Família Inglesa (An English Family).

Journalist Elsa Marujo and her team spent a few days in the Algarve interviewing residents leading different lifestyles in the region and asked them how they viewed their futures in the country.

Residents interviewed included Algarve Resident Lisbon reporter Chris Graeme and our contributor Chris Wright, Martin Date, CEO for the Oceânico Group, and Kate Fitzsimmons from the Bar Havana team in Carvoeiro.

The Algarve Resident was also highlighted in the documentary for its role of informing residents of the state of the nation.

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