doctor holding stethoscope
Image: Porto Canal/ agências

Doctors’ representatives hold ‘emergency forum’ in Porto

An emergency meeting of the “Fórum Médico” is taking place in Porto today, to discuss the dire situation in the country in which leading doctors’ syndicates are still refusing to work more than the statutory 150-hours per year laid down for overtime. The meeting follows a chink in the deadlock that came last week (a renewed offer from the government, which syndicates say they need time to study). The members of the forum include the Order of Physicians, the national association of doctors in Public Health, the national federation of doctors, SIM (the independent syndicate of doctors), the association of Portuguese doctors in the pharmaceutical industry, the association of Portuguese GPs, the federation of medical scientific societies, the Portuguese association of hospital doctors and the national association of students of medicine (invited in an observational capacity).