Doctor could be suspended


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An investigation into the practices undertaken at the I-QMedclinic in Lagoa after four patients suffered severe eye infections has been completed by the general inspectorate for activities in health care, calling for the proposed suspension of Doctor Franciscus Versteeg.

A statement from the Ministry of Health said: “This research resulted in the identification of a set of circumstances that may have been the source of the endophthalmitis, as well as malpractices as identified in the clinical treatment of the infections, including matters likely to result in disciplinary action and criminal proceedings.”

The findings of the report have been given to the Order of Doctors and the public prosecutor has recommended the suspension of Doctor Versteeg from activities in Portugal and also that the clinic should remain closed, although this final decision can only be made by the Order of Doctors.

Research for the report, which has now been delivered to the Ministry of Health, confirmed that the four patients all contracted endophthalmitis following surgeries at the clinic by Franciscus Versteeg.


Three of the patients received treatment for the removal of cataracts and have been left blinded while a fourth woman, who went to the clinic for the placement of intraocular lenses, is currently receiving treatment to try to restore the sight in both of her eyes (see the Algarve Resident edition August 20).

Patients of the doctor have been informed of the report, as has Dr Versteeg, while details of the research will also be passed to the health authorities in Holland where Dr Versteeg has another clinic.

Meanwhile, in light of the findings regarding the licensing of the clinic, the Minister of Health, Ana Jorge, has also ordered that all the entities involved in the process should now receive a detailed internal investigation of their conduct.

The Algarve Resident contacted Dr Franciscus Versteeg on Monday September 6 and asked if he would be returning to Portugal to help with investigations and also if he would be reopening his clinic in the near future: “With hope there is life,” he said.