Doctor benefits include sausages

A small German village community left in the lurch after their local doctor retired in September has pulled together to try and attract a new doctor by offering free bread, meat, flowers, haircuts and accommodation.

Niko Ringhoff, who runs the butcher’s shop in the north-western village of Lette, is offering a doctor willing to move to the community free meaty lunches and a complimentary sausage themed feast when the new surgery opens.

“Everybody wants to do something to help get a doctor. We all want to give him a warm welcome and make sure he feels at home here. We desperately need a doctor, but it’s difficult to attract one to the countryside,” said Niko Ringhoff.

Marion Funke, who runs the local hotel with her husband, is offering a doctor a place to stay for free until he or she finds permanent accommodation.

Other services with which the community hopes to entice a doctor include haircuts on the house at the local salon, complimentary bread rolls from the local baker and free flower arrangements for the surgery from the local florist.

Source:  http://news.yahoo.com