Polícia Judiciária

Doctor arrested following PJ police searches in Algarve 

Operation Anubis centres on suspicions of corruption in funeral practices

Police today arrested a doctor suspected of receiving financial compensation for issuing death certificates without first proving cause of death, thus avoiding judicial intervention. 

PJ police have said in a statement that the doctor is 65-years old. It has since transpired that he is also Venezuelan

He was arrested as part of an operation dubbed ‘Anubis’, which also involved five searches in Loulé and Faro targeting a residence, a private medical practice, a public health establishment (Loulé health centre) and the premises of a funeral parlour.

At issue are suspicions of crimes of corruption, said the PJ in a statement.

The doctor has been indicted on several counts of passive corruption and will be brought before a court to be questioned before the application of bail measures.

Faro’s DIAP (department of Criminal Investigation and penal Action) is in charge of the case.

According to Lusa, investigators believe they have gathered “strong evidence that a doctor issued death certificates without carrying out any act to ensure prior knowledge of the cause of death”.

A PJ source has emphasised that the suspect acted “by receiving financial compensation and with the aim of preventing the intervention of the judicial authorities and/ or the carrying out of a medico-legal autopsy”.

As PJ sources explain, an autopsy is legally required “whenever the cause of death is in doubt, ignored, violent or there are suspicions of the practice of crime”.

Anubis is the ancient Egyptian god of funerary practices and care of the dead.

Source material: Lusa