Do you know the advantages of wearing contact lenses?

There are a few advantages you must consider when pondering the use of contact lenses vs. eyeglasses:
– Unlimited visual field – your vision will not feel limited as it happens with glasses;
– Modern soft lenses permit the practice of sports and other activities, without risking losing them;
– A wide variety of parameters allow contact lenses to be extremely adjustable.

Despite the clear benefits for eye health resulting from new manufacturing techniques and the latest technological advances in materials and products, Institutoptico recommends routine examinations by an eye specialist. Periodic follow-up is needed to ensure a proper adjustment and good eye health.

It’s equally important to acquire the habit of removing the lenses when you get home, not exceeding the recommended daily usage time, as well as replacing them according to the manufacturer’s specifications. And always keep a pair of backup glasses, with up-to-date graduation, to use in unexpected situations or whenever necessary.

When travelling by plane, remove the contact lenses before taking off and put them on only one hour after landing. Also, remove the lenses before entering a sauna or Turkish bath, a swimming pool or while practicing water sports. Remember that the complete dependence on contact lenses can worsen a problem that would be easily solved with the temporary interruption of its use.

Last, but not least, don’t share contact lenses, nor put on any lenses that haven’t been prescribed for you.

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