“Do-It-Yourself” Covid recovery plan presented by health authorities

A kind of DIY Covid recovery plan has been presented today by health authorities.

It involves anyone self-isolating at home following a positive Covid test carrying out their own evaluations, uploading the results online, and even giving themselves a ‘clean bill of health’ following confirmation of two negative tests.

The idea is to “relieve pressure on health professionals” who currently carry out these tasks over the telephone, said secretary of State for Health António Lacerda at today’s daily Covid press briefing.

The way forwards, which comes into effect immediately, is limited to people who are able to access the online portal plataforma Trace COVID-19; under the age of 60 and ‘clinically stable’, said DGS health director Graça Freitas. 

The plan is for people to ‘report their symptoms, or lack of them’ (this information is a ‘support tool’ for health professionals on the frontline, Ms Freitas explained) and take their own ‘case histories’ right through to the point where they are cleared for re-entry to their ‘habitual everyday’.

Another ‘bonus’ with this new form of monitoring, is that infected people themselves will be ‘dealt with’ more promptly as they will be ‘doing it all themselves’ and not simply waiting to be called by a health professional with a long to-do list