Diversifying your Algarve villa rental offering

Algarve villa holidays are back on, with double vaccinated tourists flocking to enquire about an Algarve getaway. Though this return to normality is very welcome, it’s still important to look at the travel trends throughout the pandemic. Furthermore, guests are not always looking for the traditional seven to 14 days’ stay now they are able to travel.

Villa owners can use these trends and new holiday approaches to diversify their rental offering. Offering more choice and different ways to holiday means your villa will appeal to a much wider audience.

The rise of longer stays
With holidays unobtainable for so long, tourists now have so much more choice. One of the biggest trends that we expect to see continue is the rise of the longer stay. Having introduced our own longer stays’ proposition in April of last year, our villa owner partners have been reaping the benefits ever since.

Longer Stays are designed for guests who are looking for a stay of one month or over. They can cater to remote workers looking for a change in scenery or guests simply wanting an extended period in the sun.

Offering great facilities such as fast Wi-Fi, comfortable furnishings and quality appliances will make all the difference for owners thinking about offering longer stays. Furthermore, it’s a great opportunity to promote in-villa experiences for guests.

We really do encourage property owners to observe these trends. With many of the owners we partner with opting into longer term rentals, the market for new guests has been widened more than ever before.

Short getaways throughout the year
The lack of holiday getaways in 2020 also means tourists are making up for lost time with more frequent breaks. While they may be shorter holidays, this is a great trend to tap into especially when it comes to returning guests.

With ‘staycations’ also becoming more popular, Portuguese guests are definitely on the lookout for quick breaks in the Algarve.

Guests simply want minimal fuss and will often return to the same villa for their short breaks. The familiarity they have of the villa and the Algarve is a great emotion to tap into. It’s why we check in with our guests so often.

For owners, this pool of repeat visitors is vital to ongoing success, especially now people are booking breaks spread throughout the year.

Get your villa on the map
Adapting to the needs and wants of tourists will be imperative in the year ahead. The tourism sector has not had it easy, but we must come together to deliver holidays and experiences people won’t forget.

For owners, all it takes is careful planning and targeted marketing to identify the best ways to keep rental income at an all-time high. Be it accommodating longer stays or quick breaks, a diverse offering will really make your property stand out.

By Joe Mountain
|| [email protected]

Joe Mountain is founder of Algarve villa rental specialists SandyBlue.
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