Divers search wreckage

SCUBA DIVERS from the Portimão Sub Aquatic Club, Portisub, have taken part in an expedition to locate the Empire Warrior, a British freighter that sank on June 19, 1941.

The exploration, organised by the National Centre of Nautical and Sub Aquatic Archaeology, CNANS, took place over the weekend of February 3.

The ship was en route to supply coal to miners in the São Domingos caves when it was hit by German bombers and sank.

The wreckage explored, which has still to be confirmed as that of the Empire Warrior, is at a depth of between 18 and 20 metres and has broken into many parts. Access is restricted due to a large number of nets surrounding the area, making the dives potentially dangerous.

Another problem holding the investigation back is that part of the wreckage is located in Spanish waters, off the coast of Vila Real do Santo António.

Despite this, the dive is relatively easy to access from land with few currents and should be made open to all divers once CNANS have presented a report and sought approval from the correct regulatory bodies.

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