Divers help to clean up Algarve seabed

Volunteers gathered in the harbour and on the beach of Baleeira near Sagres on October 8 to take part in a beach and sea cleaning operation which saw 100 square metres of rubbish collected.

Around 70 people took part in the initiative, which was organised by Daniel and Anabela Bamler and their team from Divers Cape along with Carla and João Nascimento of Cape Cruiser in Sagres and Sara and Ricardo Magalhães of Marilimitado.

Divers concentrated on collecting rubbish from around the wrecks of the Trovore and Mareta, which included old car and shop batteries, bottles, rubber wheels, old fishing nets and many other items, while volunteers from Sagres came to help to clean the beaches and the port.

Daniel Bamler said: “Divers Cape has been taking part in actions such as these since 2008. We believe it is very important that divers and environmental supporters try to make people aware of protecting their own environment and the sea.”

Meanwhile, divers and other volunteers also took part in a clean up in the Vilamoura and Quarteira area on October 9.

Around 85 people helped to gather 500kg of rubbish with divers from OpenWaters of Quarteira being joined by members of the scouts, volunteers from the marina in Vilamoura, members of the Bombeiros, GNR officers and other helpers from various departments of Loulé Câmara and Quarteira Junta.

As part of the cleanup, nine boats were used to transport the divers and then carry the rubbish collected back to shore.