Distinctive whites from the green region

A&D wines is a relatively new project, a winery to the north of the Douro that is technically in the Vinho Verde region, dedicated to the production of white wines. But whilst the project is quite recent, there are old vines at one of the owner’s farms used to make one of their most interesting wines – “Singular”, a field blend in the style of modern Douro whites, un-oaked, fresh and flavoursome.

What first attracted me to these wines, however, was the label design with the funky Naïve art figures reminding me of Lowry’s matchstick men.

The Monólogo Chardonnay was the first to catch my eye on the shelf at Apolónia and, on seeing the Vinho Verde emblem on the rear label, my curiosity was further roused.

This is an un-oaked Chardonnay with the typical tropical and peachy fruit notes of the grape well present on the nose, dry in the mouth with good acidity.

Also available at Apolónia is their Monólogo Avesso varietal, made from one of the most traditional Minho grapes but quite different to any Avesso I have tried. Once again un-oaked, this is a wine of surprising body and complexity with citric and grassy notes.

The varietals are both priced at €7.99, representing outstanding value for money. The Singular, priced slightly higher at €9.95, is also good value. 

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