Security beefed up at Praia da Rocha after late-night violence

Disgraceful behaviour of Brits in the Algarve

Dear Editor,

Following the disgraceful behaviour of youths in Praia da Rocha and reading reports of a group of mainly Welsh hooligans in Albufeira, I have to wonder why the GNR in conjunction with the UK authorities simply don’t expel and ban these disgraceful yobbos from Portugal.

It is damaging to your tourism industry and, as a very regular UK visitor to the Algarve, I am embarrassed to read about this kind of behaviour and the only way to discourage this is if the Portuguese authorities are seen to get tough and adopt a ‘zero tolerance’ policy to ensure that these incidents become a thing of the past.

It saddens me to think that these yobs think that it’s OK to travel to the Algarve and behave with complete disregard for others.

I sincerely hope that they are all arrested on their return to the UK, charged, and their passports rescinded!

Simon Romaines