Disgraced councillor practising as GP

Luís Carito, the disgraced Portimão councillor who hit the headlines for eating paper when his house was raided by the fraud squad, has been allowed back to work as a GP, writes Correio da Manhã newspaper.
Carito, who has been under house arrest since the authorities cracked down on irregularities at the council-owned firm Portimão Urbis, is still technically under house arrest and has to stay wearing an electronic bracelet while he attends patients at Portimão’s Centro de Saúde.
He began taking consultations last week, said the newspaper, and the clinic has to advise the authorities on the times that he leaves home and arrives at work.
The former politician who was ex-Mayor Manuel da Luz’s right-hand man and vice-president isn’t the first facing corruption charges regarding Portimão Urbis to skip house arrest. Former colleague Jorge Campos has also returned to work, at EDP, but both men have been banned from exercising public office by Judge Carlos Alexandre who is overseeing the case, adds Correio da Manhã.