Disfigured child rushed to hospital following Rottweiler attack

A four year old girl has been rushed to hospital this Public Holiday morning following an horrific attack by a Rottweiler dog.

Público quotes a PSP source as saying the child has been disfigured and is in a “very serious condition”.

The dog’s owner apparently fled the scene with the animal, but has since been detained, with the dog being transported to the municipal pound.

According to reports, the dog was “accompanying his owner” at the time of the attack, but not on a lead, nor wearing a muzzle – two prerequisites for any breeds classified as dangerous, which Rottweilers are.

The attack happened in a public street in Matosinhos (Porto district).

Público says two other people were also hurt, though less seriously.

The badly injured child was first taken to Matosinhos’ Hospital Pedro Hispano, but is now in Porto’s Hospital de São João, says local news service Porto Canal, where her condition is said to be stable.

Porto Canal says her injuries are to the head, shoulder and hand – and that she will almost certainly require plastic surgery.

The girl was with her mother, who received injuries to one of her hands, and another person said to be more seriously hurt.

No details have yet been given on what may have prompted the dog’s attack.

National legislation defines seven breeds as dangerous in Portugal:

Cão de Fila Brasileiro (Brazilian Mastiff)
Dogue Argentino (Argentine Mastiff)
Pitbull Terrier
Staffordshire Terrier Americano
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Tosa Inu (Japanese Fighting Dog)

These animals, by law, have to be kept on a lead when out in public, and wear a muzzle. Their owners have to have special licenses, be free of any kind of criminal record and have civil responsibility insurance with a minimum cover of €50,000.

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