Discover the Manueline style: outstanding examples in Portugal

Discover the Manueline style: outstanding examples in Portugal

Historian Peter Kingdon Booker will be holding a talk on ‘The Manueline Architecture’ this month in the Algarve – on Tuesday, November 26, in the Municipal Library of Lagoa at 6pm, and on Friday, November 29 in the Municipal Library of Tavira at 11am.

In our studies of Portuguese history and culture, we can identify some topics which cover both areas, and the history of architecture is one of them. The Manueline style occurs nowhere else in the world and is triumphantly related only to the Era of the Discoveries.

We cannot fully appreciate the importance of the Discoveries in the history of Portugal without considering this essentially Lusitanian and unique style of architecture.

The style belongs to the Gothic movement and is perhaps its last gasp before the advent of the Mannerist and Neoclassical.

The Manueline style is eponymously connected to the King of Portugal and flourished only during his lifetime. The style itself is exuberant and required great skill in its execution, and yet pervaded the whole of Portugal.

There are instances in and around Tavira, some of which are very important, but, of course, the major examples of the Manueline are in Lisbon and include the outstanding Tower of Belém and the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos.

In this talk, Peter Booker discusses the style, shows examples from around the country and reaffirms its importance in the history of Portuguese culture.

Talks organised by the Algarve History Association are free to attend, but voluntary monetary contributions to help towards the running of the association are welcome.

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