Discover the lower Guadiana as hiking season “reopens”

Now that summer’s unrelenting heat has passed, it is time to get back on the lower Guadiana’s walking trails and “discover the unique inland areas of the Algarve”.

So says Odiana, the regional association dedicated to helping the “economic, social and cultural development” of the lower Guadiana region.

Although the trails are open to hikers all year long, Odiana sent out a reminder this week that hiking is something that is best done when it’s not too hot.

“In autumn, with milder temperatures, we recommend that you try out the area’s trails, and combine physical activity with a trip to the lower Guadiana,” says the association.

According to Odiana, the trails provide an opportunity to “get to know the inland parts” of the area, either on foot or on a bicycle, and “discover a multitude of landscapes, heritage, flora, and typical Algarvean towns where you can try some tasty regional snacks”.

The lower Guadiana – including the municipalities of Alcoutim, Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António – boasts 135kms of trails, one of which (GR15) allows hikers to walk along the river from the south coast to the interior of the Algarve.

Another (GR13) links to the Via Algarviana network of walking trails and the Ecovia do Litoral.

For more information on the trails, visit

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