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Discover the forgotten hills of Loulé  

The AssociaçÃo dos Amigos da Cortelha, a social group for nature lovers, based in the Loulé area, is organising a walk to explore the so-called Montes Esquecidos – Forgotten Hills, in the Serra de Caldeirão on Sunday May 28.

Walkers can admire the beauty of the landscape on a route that takes in springs, wells, a river and a traditional mill, also having the chance to appreciate the unique and traditional dwellings of the villages in Loulé’s interior. Participants will also be given the opportunity to find out more about life in the local community.  

The walkers will set off at 8am from the Cooperativa do Montes Novos, and the excursion is expected to end at around 1pm, when walkers will return to the set-off point for lunch. The total distance of the route to be covered is 8km.

For more information please call the Associação do Amigos da Cortelha on 289 846 163 or email them at [email protected]