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Discover another Algarve

By ROSIE PEDDLE [email protected]

The Algarve is well known for its mild climate and particularly for its beautiful beaches. However, the tourism potential of this region is not limited to “sun and sand” holidays.

There is also much of cultural and environmental interest for activities that give more depth, and longer seasonal interest to the strong tourist appeal of this region in a rapidly growing sector of the leisure market in the world – cultural and eco tourism.

It was with this, and especially the great potential of the region, that has driven the creation of the company ProActivetur Ltd – Responsible Tourism and its first catalogue, Ecotourism in Algarve, has just been made available.

This well illustrated eco tourism guide is available to download or view in Portuguese and English and displays the various activities and experiences around the natural and cultural heritage of the Algarve; among them hiking and walking, cultural interpretation, birdwatching, astronomy, workshops, food tasting and even bread baking.

All activities are prepared by highly experienced guides, with a logical presentation of the heritage of the region and with a deep respect for local communities and environmental values.

Some of the initiatives described in the catalogue are repeated weekly, as in the case of the ‘Route of Fruit and Nuts’ in Loulé, given the high level of interest and accessible nature of this particular activity.

Others take advantage of certain seasons of the year to highlight the cultural aspects of the Algarve, such as harvesting and milling olives.

In the end, it is intended that this booklet reveals a different Algarve, rich in traditions, in rural practices, and with a unique biodiversity.

The local communities are genuine and hospitable, with small towns and villages in landscapes unknown to many and we can all contribute to their preservation. Participation in the activities in this catalogue is open to everyone, simply by registering themselves with ProActiveTur Ltd via email [email protected] or phone 289 422 607/966 132 552.

To download the guide in English, please go to www.proactivetur.pt

Algarve resident Rosie Peddle is a gardening expert with an interest for environmental issues. Visit www.gardeninginportugal.com