Disaster-prone minister involved in fatal accident on Portugal’s A6 motorway

Eduardo Cabrita, Portugal’s minister for Interior Administration has been described as a man who is dogged by misfortune. Today that observation could not have been more tragically prophetic: the BMW car carrying him from an official engagement ran over and killed a man on the A6 motorway.

What the man was doing on foot on the motorway was not immediately explained, but subsequent reports have suggested he was involved in maintenance work on the highway.

A press statement sent out from the Ministry simply said that “on returning from an official visit to Portalegre, the vehicle transporting the minister of internal administration Eduardo Cabrita suffered a road traffic accident in which the result was death, by running over, of a citizen on the A6 motorway”.

The minister “profoundly laments” the tragedy and has presented his condolences to the dead man’s family.

The circumstances of the accident are now being investigated.

It was political pundit Luís Marques Mendes who recently declared on national television that ‘anything Mr Cabrita gets into goes wrong’.

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