Disappointment as Golden retriever found in Gondomar is NOT Gui

The shaggy dog story, powered by social media’s appeal “Help us find Gui”, seems set to continue into another year after DNA testing on the Gui-lookalike found wandering the streets of Gondomar has shown beyond all doubt that the Golden Retriever is not the beloved Gui of António Caspa. The dog has been returned to his owner and Caspa’s determined quest to find his lost dog continues.

The former banker is “convinced” Gui has been taken in by a person or persons who will now realise the strength of efforts to get him back and release him.

Caspa shows no sign of flagging in the campaign that has been running for two years, since Gui – a fanatic for car journeys – mistakenly took advantage of an open rear door of a car in his hometown of Melides, that then drove away.

Caspa and his wife have been looking for their pet ever since, and along the way have amassed a 16,000-strong universe of friends, all of whom are now actively trying to “Help Look for Gui”.

As the campaign has run round the country, countless Retrievers erroneously taken for Gui have either been ‘rescued from kennels’ and rehomed, or returned to their rightful and delighted owners.

It is this that keeps Caspa’s quest alive: the belief that one day, a sighting will really be that of his much-loved much-missed four-footed friend.

To follow this story, see: https://www.facebook.com/GUImydog/timeline

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