Disabilities are main cause of discrimination

A STUDY has revealed that 87 per cent of Portuguese consider that mental or physical disabilities are the principal cause of discrimination.

The damning statistics, published by Eurobarometer in Brussels, were the results of public polls carried out between June 7, and July 12, 2006, asking 24,796 EU citizens including 1,011 Portuguese.

For the President of the Portuguese Association for the Disabled (APD), Humberto Santos, the news “comes as no surprise and already confirmed what we had already known for some time”.

The statistics reveal an increase in people’s perceptions, whereby discrimination is more talked about, as is the ways of trying to combat it.

“This alone is not enough, the objectives don’t correspond to the measures, but we are citizens like any other with full rights and should be afforded the same opportunities as any other citizen,” he said.

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