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Digital marketing takes centre stage at Vilamoura hotel

‘Share Algarve’ is the name of a new digital marketing conference to take place on Saturday, February 4, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Vilamoura.

Described as the “first” event of its kind in the Algarve, it aims to give digital marketing professionals an opportunity to share their knowledge and discuss the future of the sector.

‘Share Algarve’ is being organised by marketing specialists Jorge Cabaço and Rita Sampaio, teachers at Faro’s technical school ETIC Algarve, one of the event’s partners.

It was during the Web Summit in Lisbon last November that the duo decided to host the event and bring some of “the trends and innovations” they saw at the biggest technology event in the world to the south of Portugal.

As the pair explain, one of the themes of ‘Share Algarve’ will be the changes to the marketing sector in recent years.

Among speakers will be Facebook specialist Ana Mendes, “well-known LinkedIn enthusiast” Pedro Caramez and Google trainer Marco Gouveia.

There will also be an “interactive component” to the event, giving people a chance to have questions answered “by top experts through panel discussions and debates”.

Hoteliers, too, are being invited to take part.

As organisers explain: “The Algarve is mainly a brand, and we need to discuss how we can add more value to it.

“Marketing and the creative industries play a decisive role in the way we promote the Algarve and how we make it more attractive, not just as a tourist destination.”

Tickets for the event are already being sold and cost €70 if purchased before Sunday, January 15, or €90 if purchased after.