Digital marketing expert talks at BPCC Business Breakfast

Jorge Cabaço understands the online world of social media, advertising, targeting, retargeting, bid multipliers and branding.

Others don’t, including owners of many of the Algarve’s businesses whose leaders may grasp the basics but lack the specialist knowledge to take full use of rapidly developing and essential marketing tools.

Cabaço is noted for being the driving force behind the highly successful SHARE Algarve marketing and innovating conference, while running Freshmint Consulting and a department at the Faro-based technology company Dengun as well as developing his Algarve Start-up Accelerator project.

Presenting at one of the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce’s popular Business Breakfasts, Cabaço’s topic, ‘Paid Media – what’s next for online advertising? was presented on Tuesday, April 30 at the Hilton Vilamoura and left the audience in no doubt that there is much to be done to get their businesses equipped with the technology that their customers expect.

The headline trend is astonishing with online advertising predicted to take 48% of all advertising spending in 2021, with the spend in Portugal hitting US $481 million.

Businesses that fail to keep pace with and excite their customers will become has-beens. Mobile friendly websites now are essential and voice search on the main search engines a growing trend and opportunity, as is online video and the importance of companies such as Facebook, Instagram and Google – whether you like them or not.

The Algarve harbours some top class technology companies and consultancies with entrepreneurs like Cabaço able to advise local businesses in clear, uncomplicated terms to create cost-effective technological answers for businesses that need to catch up and lead their sectors.

Jorge Cabaço describes his role as a Digital Marketer and Consultant, “I help clients find the subject and medium that best fits their unique identity. My specialties include consumer behavior and performance marketing.”

The British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce’s series of breakfast meetings allows members and non-members to meet in a businesslike setting and, at ‘Paid Media – what’s next for online advertising?’ they glimpsed technology possibilities that for their competitors already may be realities.

By Paul Rees