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Improving your game with professional golfer and coach Darren Devlin at Porto Dona Maria

There are plenty of elements that contribute to your ability to drive a golf ball where you want it to land, and they’re within you. At the same time, so are the factors that inhibit your swing. “It’s really how you strike the ball that matters,” says Darren Devlin, professional golf coach at Porto Dona Maria golf academy, Burgau. “And, not everybody can swing the same way. Factors affecting your game can be anything from age, aches and pains, or even your body shape.”

“Aging is inevitable. It affects the body’s ability to turn, which means you have to shift the focus of your swing elsewhere,” says Darren. “You have to take emphasis away from weaker areas, shifting focus to the stronger parts of your body and compensating with more arm movement to alleviate back pressure.”

Then, if you carry chronic or even mild pain, your swing is compromised. “The brain works in marvellous and mysterious ways to protect the injured part of your body,” he explains. For this reason, he recommends addressing and making adjustments to the different stages of your swing to ensure pain doesn’t affect how you strike the ball.

Finally, bodies are different shapes. The features that make you who you are change everything. Your task is to develop a swing that feels comfortable for your body type and enables you to still enjoy your game. But, sometimes help is needed to know what adjustments to make.

A former professional golfer, Darren works with clients to break down their technique into three parts — the moment when your club strikes the ball, that vital 30% of a golfer’s swing; then, follow-through, and backswing. Applying expertise and lessons gained from years on the professional golfing circuit when he competed alongside the world’s top players, his process and valuable tips enable players to get the most from their swing.

Currently one of the Algarve’s newest and best kept secrets, Darren won’t remain that way for long, as he partners with Porto Dona Maria to make the golf academy the best in its field. No matter your age or walk of life, Darren’s passion is tailoring his tutelage to an individual’s game. Be it hitting drivers or the mental aspects of golf, information about different group lessons, clinics, and booking offers can be found on Facebook at Algarve Golf Coaching.

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