Diabetes deaths hit record high

Diabetes deaths hit record high

The number of people dying in Portugal from diabetes in 2012 hit a record high – 13 deaths per day.

A report from the National Diabetes Observatory revealed that the increase in the number of deaths caused by diabetes in 2012 is alarming, as is the rising number of diabetes-related amputations.

According to the Observatory, 4,867 people died from diabetes in 2012 (4,744 in 2010 and 4,536 in 2011)

Last year’s data contradicts previous records that pointed out to a decrease in the number of diabetics being readmitted to hospital and new cases of Type 1 diabetes among children under 14 years of age (19 new cases for every 100,000 children in 2012).

Data revealed that last year there were 3,200 diabetic children and youths aged up to 19.