Diabetes, an epidemic waiting to happen

Dear Editor,

In last week’s Algarve Resident you reported on the increase in diabetes in Portugal.

This was of particular interest to me as a friend of mine has recently returned to live in the UK. He had been complaining of tiredness and generally not feeling the best whilst he lived here.

As a positive person this was just so alien to him. On returning to the UK, he registered with a doctor and decided to have an MOT to check that all was well.

In fact he was immediately diagnosed with diabetes – something that had not been picked up whilst he lived here in Portugal.

I feel that it would be useful for a doctor to write an article on how to do your best to prevent diabetes and also what signs to look out for.

It seems from the little that I know that diabetes can strike at any age and could be an epidemic waiting to happen.

Any information that your very useful newspaper can offer would be for many, I am sure, very useful.

Charlie Fernandez

By email