Development in Almancil

Dear Editor,
With great concern, I read that the new development in Almancil is facing opposition. As a lifelong resident and local entrepreneur in the area, I very much see a need for an upgrade to Almancil.
Being once not much more than a crossroad between the EN125 and Loulé, it has become the richest ‘freguesia’ in Portugal. But without any kind of urban development, Almancil’s looks remain miserable by anyone’s standard.
It is still very much marked by simple and low quality architecture from the 70s and 80s. The lack of quality is such that Almancil never managed to establish commerce with correspondence with the affluent residents and visitors to the area.
The new shopping project will not compete with any local business as its positioning will be above most local shops.
Environmental concerns are just rhetoric as this is an urban area.
Critics ignore the devastating reality of the last years, with thousands of jobs lost and hundreds of businesses closed.
We all must hope that this project goes ahead in order to revive the regional economy, upgrade the destination and create jobs – all at the very heart of the vast majority of the Algarve population.
Constantino Jordan
By email