Devastated French fan and child who consoled him after Euro 2016 final invited to visit Portugal

Anyone who kept up with the Euro 2016 has almost certainly seen a heart-warming video of a devastated Frenchman being consoled by a child in a Portuguese jersey just moments after Portugal beat France in the tournament’s final.

The child, a 10-year-old named Mathis who was born and lives in France but is the son of Portuguese parents, is seen comforting the French fan as he weeps and even offers him a shoulder to cry on and a hug which the fan, also showing great sportsmanship and respect, accepts.

The scene took place just moments after the final in the Paris fan zone and was captured by Euronews.

Now, Portugal’s tourism board is hoping to track down the French fan and invite him on an all-expenses-paid trip to Portugal.

The tourism board said in a statement that it wants the still-unidentified France fan to “get to know Portugal and experience the authentic Portuguese welcome”.

The invitation was also made to Mathis, who the board says “demonstrated the way to be friendly, tolerant and authentically Portuguese”.

But as sports news giant ESPN points out, the invitation may be a case of “too much, too soon” for the French fan.

“The poor soul has perhaps only just managed to shut off the waterworks,” ESPN added.

The video can be seen (here)