Devastated father says he wants to know why “healthy baby” died at sitter’s home

Carlos Lima, the father of the six-month-old baby who died at his sitter’s home in Queluz, Sintra, says he wants to know what caused the tragedy.

Almost 24-hours on, Lima was still at a loss as to why an apparently healthy infant should die so suddenly, almost from one moment to the next.

Talking to TVI last night (Thursday), he said he could not attest to the babysitter’s home being equipped to take care of children, as he had never been inside it. But in a written story carried by the channel he spoke of his son’s attachment to the woman.

“Normally when parents collect their children, they come running. But my son turned to the woman. If she mistreated him, he would certainly have run (sic) to me.”

Quite apart from the odd choice of words – given that a six-month-old baby cannot walk let alone run – the case is now in the hands of the authorities, who will be conducting a number of investigations to try and establish the causes of the little boy’s death.

INEM and police were called to the babysitter’s home in Monte Abraão yesterday afternoon after the sitter claims she had put him to bed following his lunch and that he was dead when she went to check on him.

News reports suggest the sitter looked after “various children” at the property.

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