“Devastated” disabled man searches for disappeared Husky

A wheelchair-bound man has been left “devastated” by the disappearance of his Husky assistance dog ‘Pastor’, who went missing last week (January 10) while waiting for him outside the Tavira Gran-Plaza mall.

“Miguel (the owner) left him tied outside the mall as he usually did as animals are not allowed inside. But when he came back out the dog had disappeared,” Cristina Rodrigues from animal association 3AT told the Resident.

As the animal was very gentle and an “unusual breed”, there is the possibility that he has been stolen, adds Correio da Manhã.

Rodrigues added that Miguel found the dog “on the street” years ago, and the pair had since formed a “very strong bond”.

“He is devastated and says they both need each other very much,” she added.

So far, a number of people have reported sightings of Huskies in the area but none have been confirmed as ‘Pastor’.

Meantime, the story of his disappearance has been shared by hundreds on social media.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact 3AT.


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