Destroying wetland for another supermarket?

Dear Editor,

I will be utterly gob-smacked if the wetland area that is being destroyed in Lagoa becomes another supermarket.

There is already a Jumbo, an Aldi, a Pingo Doce, an Intermarché and an Apolónia, just to name some of the bigger outlets located in Lagoa. Will anyone do any decent business if a Continente opens right next door to the Aldi and Apolónia?

It seems like madness to me. But I guess it is only logical that Sonae would find a new place to join the local supermarket competition after the spot near the EN125 was apparently scrapped.

The issue is not only that there will be an absurd number of supermarkets in Lagoa, but also that land is being levelled in an area that is home to so many bird species.

When you think that a natural haven is being destroyed to make room for the sixth major supermarket in a town as small as Lagoa, it makes you seriously wonder whether it is all truly worth it.