Desperate mother’s search for missing son reveals he has been two weeks in psychiatric hospital in UK

A desperate mother’s almost three-week search for her missing son has ended with him being ‘found’ in a psychiatric hospital in the UK.

According to Galnya Lavriv, there is nothing wrong with her 25-year-old medical student son, Volodymyr who has dual Ukrainian and Portuguese nationality.

“He is very well”, the delighted woman has told reporters. “He has no illness at all. He was simply put in the psychiatric hospital just because he resisted the police, which I don’t think is normal, but all countries have their own (ways of dealing with) things”.

What Galnya Lavriv has queried however is why it took two weeks and a major campaign mounted by her and her daughter Daryna to find Volodymyr.

“I don’t know why we were not advised that he was there. No one was told, not the Consulate, not us, that a Portuguese, a person from another country, was in the hospital. Why didn’t they tell anyone? I still cannot understand it. He was more than two weeks in the hospital”.

But queries aside, the emotional woman was clearly over the moon at finding what she said was one of the two people in the world who made her life complete.

According to reports, Volodymyr was arrested “as a result of violent confrontations at the airport in UK as he was preparing to return to Portugal” on October 3.

His mother has already left Portugal to collect him from the Essex hospital where he has been interned, so at least one story coming out of UK this week regarding a Portuguese national looks like having a happy ending.

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