Desperate graduate seeks job

A graduate has taken to walking the streets of London to find himself a job after becoming desperate in his search.

A sandwich-board, worn by David Rowe who is 20,000 sterling pounds in debt since leaving university, reads “Job Wanted” and that he is a “History Graduate” and is “prepared to work for the first month for free”.

The 24-year-old graduate said he would continue to advertise himself in the Fleet Street area of London which is popular with law firms and investment banks.

His desperate measures have resulted in a job offer from a recruitment firm.

Britain has seen explosive growth in the number of university and college students, but there has not been a rise in graduate-level jobs.

About 220,000 graduates joined the job market in 2007-08 and latest figures from 100 leading firms show vacancies have been cut by 28 per cent compared to last year.