Desperate dog owner hopes for Christmas miracle
Sandra's dogs - Chase, Brian and Bibi

Desperate dog owner hopes for Christmas miracle

Her three dogs ran off during walk in Ludo and never came back – this was a month ago

A local resident has been left devastated by the disappearance of her three dogs – Chase, Brian and Bibi – while out on a walk in the Ludo area of Faro on November 11. Now, she is hoping for a “Christmas miracle” …

It’s been almost a month since the dogs were last sighted and yet no clue about their whereabouts has emerged.

Their owner Sandra Stephens is hopeful someone has seen them or knows what has happened to them.

The missing dogs are Chance, a neutered five-year-old with “bad legs”; Brian, found six years ago with no tail and believed to have been a hunting dog; and Bibi, a pedigree, sand-coloured Shar Pei that is able to breed and usually “screams, not barks” whenever she is away from her owner.

They all went missing after Brian ran off during their walk to “say hi to other passing dogs”.

As Sandra told the Resident, it’s an area where lots of people walk their dogs.

“They weren’t on a leash because they never had to be. Brian is always running off, but he usually comes right back,” she said, adding that this time, however, all three dogs ran off and none of them returned.

Some of the people who were walking their dogs at the same time in the area and saw Sandra’s dogs told her that it seemed they were running back to her, but they never did.

“I searched everywhere, and they were nowhere to be found. No one has seen them. I even spoke to security guards at nearby golf courses and they have not been spotted,” explained the desperate owner, who has also looked for her dogs at the municipal kennel but to no avail.

It’s even stranger considering that this is the first time the dogs – which are all micro-chipped – have gone missing.

“Brian would sometimes escape, but he would always come back,” Sandra said.

There does not appear to be a particular rise in animal disappearances in the area, according to responses the Resident received from local animal associations.

Marta Correia from PRAVI Faro has confirmed nonetheless that it is following this case closely.

While Sandra is desperate to see her dogs again, she admits that the hardest part is not knowing what has happened to them.

“I just want to know if they are okay,” she told us. “It would be a Christmas miracle if we could get them back.”

If you have seen the dogs or have any information about them, contact Sandra at 963 838 530 or 914 559 164.

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