Despair in Palmela as flames threaten homes

A fire which broke out today in Palmela (Setúbal) near the local castle is threatening houses, having already destroyed at least one house and killed several animals.

Two firefighters have also been injured, national media reports.

“The situation is serious,” deputy mayor Luís Miguel Calha told TSF radio this afternoon.

Several houses and the town’s Centro Social (Social Centre) have been evacuated as 308 firefighters attempt to control the flames. The fire is also said to be making its way to the Arrábida Natural Park.

The Resident has been contacted by a reader who was driving on the A2 motorway by Palmela at around 3.30pm and saw flames encroaching on the motorway, having even started to consume some of its sound barriers.

Portugal’s scorching temperatures and strong winds continue to be the main difficulties hampering firefighters across the country.

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