Designer Outlet Algarve to form “socially-distanced” human ribbon for breast cancer awareness

Designer Outlet Algarve in Loulé is planning to form a “socially-distanced” human chain in the shape of a ribbon to raise breast cancer awareness and support a local association providing much-needed support to cancer patients in the Algarve.

The human chain will be formed at 9am on Sunday (October 18) and will follow Covid-19 guidelines, meaning participants will have to use a mask and stay two metres away from each other during the human link.

While these kinds of human links are usually formed by people holding hands, the ongoing pandemic forced organisers to come up with a ‘Covid-safe’ alternative.
Participants will be given a pink ribbon strip to ensure a safe distance is kept as well as an umbrella that will be opened to help create the visual effect of the ribbon.

Those interested can sign up at Designer Outlet Algarve’s information desk.

The cost will be €5 per person, with all proceeds going towards Associação Partilhas e Cuidados which supports cancer patients in the Algarve.

Head of marketing Célia Meira said that Designer Outlet Algarve has wanted to actively participate in the Breast Cancer Awareness Month since it opened.

“There are five million women in Portugal, and this is the most common form of cancer among the female population,” Meira stressed.

“It is also important to raise awareness among younger women about the importance of prevention and support all the women and men who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, in the Algarve and elsewhere. There is life after cancer and this coming Sunday we will all be at Designer Outlet Algarve to show that we are stronger together.”

According to the World Health Organisation, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women both in the developed and less developed world. Early prevention is deemed essential to a high survival rate.

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