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Deregulated electricity market experiences boom

Portugal’s liberalised electricity market reached 53.1% of global consumption in March, with nearly 500,000 consumers.

The number of consumers in the deregulated electricity market has increased 36% in one year.

In March alone, consumer numbers rose 5.5% to 491,801, which represents an average consumption of 24,600GWh. Industrial electricity consumers represent the largest number, 96%, while domestic consumers account for just 8% in the deregulated electricity market.

EDP Comercial continues to be the main electricity provider even in the liberalised market, with a supply share of 38.2%, followed by Endesa with a 26.3% share and Iberdola in third position with 24.1%.

EDP Comercial maintains its dominant position with 79.1% of the total number of clients followed by Endesa with 17.6%.

When compared to the previous month (February), market share figures remained virtually unaltered but worthy of mention is Galp, which increased its client base by 63% in just one month.

As the Algarve Resident reported last week, Galp Energia recently entered the deregulated electricity and gas market, offering “attractive discounts” for consumers joining their promotional campaign until the end of June – a 5% discount on their “two services (electricity and gas) in one” invoice.