Depression Bárbara is on her way to batter Portugal

Heavy rain and a lot of wind are on their way, thanks to a depression named Bárbara.

Bárbara is expected to hit the mainland from tomorrow afternoon, ‘really getting going’ by Tuesday. That said, it looks from reports that it will ‘all be over’ by Wednesday.

For a south that is ‘praying for rain’, the bad weather cannot come quickly enough.

Issuing a ‘yellow alert’ for the whole country, meteorological institute IPMA warns of ‘an increase in maritime agitation, especially along the coast of the southern region, from Monday afternoon until the end of Tuesday’.

Waves in the south west could reach 3.5 metres, says IPMA.

All 18 mainland districts can expect heavy and persistent rain, as well as high winds that could reach speeds of between 100 kms to 130 kms in hill/ mountain regions.

Temperatures too are due to fall, particularly on Tuesday – likely to vary from 15ºC to 23ºC, just as we approach what may be the last time the country puts its clocks back for winter (click here).