Depressing data shows Portugal 2nd on Europe’s depression list

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about, a new study has shown Portugal is the second country in Europe with the highest level of people suffering from depression.

Only France ranks higher – and as so many newspapers are reporting, young and old are leaving France due to the country’s “stifling” taxation levels.

But in Portugal, the problem is far more connected with depressions as a result of people not having work, psychiatrist António Sampaio told RTP’s Bom Dia Portugal on Monday – stressing that cases of depression had increased exponentially since the start of the economic crisis.

The “uncertainty of tomorrow” is what has led to these latest numbers, he said – which also show that as many as a third of sufferers with “serious mental problems” are not being treated.

As the RTP report on the data added, for Portugal to rank so highly is doubly worrying as “Portugal has far less people than France”, and less too than many countries in Europe.

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