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Demonstrating their style


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SONS URBANOS Records and Vision Streetwear has the pleasure and the honour to be godfather to the return to Portugal of one of the biggest names of international hardcore music style band, Madball.

This band from New York had survived well in the scene and has been respected for practically two decades as the kings of this musical style that they consolidated. They are considered to be the living legends of hardcore.

The show will take place on December 14 at Cine-Teatro Ginásio Clube de Corroios. The Madball concert integrates the Christmas Hardcore Fest, an event that aims to end the year in splendor for Sons Urbanos Records and Xuxa Jurássica Produções, organisers of this particular kind of shows in Portugal.

The North American band will present their recently launched new album of original works entitled Infiltrate the System.

For the fans of hardcore style, it is for sure a show not to be missed.

Visit Madball’s official website at or

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